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Title IX

Brunswick Community College is committed to ensuring equal access to its educational programs and employment opportunities without regard to the basis of race, sex/gender, 性取向, 国家的起源, ancestry, color, 语言的使用, religion, 宗教信仰, age, 婚姻状况, gender, 性别认同, 性别表达, 癌症相关或基因相关的疾病, disability, pregnancy, 认为怀孕, 国籍, 兵役状况, or any other status protected by law (including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972). Therefore, students, employees, applicants and other members of the Brunswick Community College community (including 但不限于, vendors, visitors, and guests) may not be subject to discrimination or harassment or otherwise treated adversely based upon a protected characteristic. 这包括, 但不限于, 性骚扰, 性侵犯, 家庭暴力, 约会暴力, 和被人跟踪. Similarly, 学院不会容忍骚扰, violent, 学生有恐吓或歧视行为, employees or any other member of or visitor to the College community.

Sexual harassment and sexual violence are forms of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX, 正如 U.S. 教育部致同事信,2011年 and the 2020年最终规则. Title IX also prohibits retaliation against people for making or participating in complaints of sex discrimination, see U.S. 教育部,致同事信,2011年 and the 2020年最终规则. 有关第九条的更多信息,请访问 U.S. 教育部网站.

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Brunswick Community College encourages individuals to report all gender-based misconduct immediately to the Title IX Coordinator, 或其他学院职员或教员. 你可以向下文所述的协调员提出报告.  Brunswick Community College designates two individuals to serve as Title IX Coordinators. One individual handles employee related incidents and the other handles student related incidents. The Title IX Coordinators have the primary responsibility for coordinating efforts related to the intake, 调查, resolution, 并停止实施任何支持性措施, remediate, 防止性骚扰, 这一政策禁止报复.




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约会暴力是基于性的暴力, 由社会上的人所犯, 浪漫的或亲密的关系.

家庭暴力是基于性的暴力, committed by a current or former spouse or intimate partner of the Complainant.

报复可能是口头上的, nonverbal, overt or subtle and is action taken against anyone reporting or participating in an 调查 of Title IX allegations.

Sexual Harassment is the umbrella category including the offenses of 性骚扰, 性侵犯, stalking, 约会暴力和家庭暴力.

Sexual Assault is any sexual act directed against another person without their consent or when they are incapable of giving consent.

Stalking is engaging in a course of conduct on the basis of sex, directed at a specific person that would cause that person to fear for their safety or suffer from emotional distress.


All det365手机版官网 employees are Mandatory Reporters and are expected to report actual or suspected 性骚扰 or retaliation to appropriate officials immediately, 只有有限的例外. 在某些情况下, a reporting individual may seek out college personnel who are considered to be Confidential Resources. 这些人, 因为他们可以提供的支持的性质, 会否应呈报人士的要求, 对事件的细节保密. Those individuals at det365手机版官网 are the On-campus licensed professional counselor and additional counseling staff listed below.

Tanya Lance M.Ed.lcas, LCMHC


如有紧急情况请拨911″. The Brunswick County Emergency Services center (911) will immediately alert det365手机版官网 Sheriff’s Deputies by radio and telephone. 非紧急情况,请拨打910-755-7330(办公室). To leave information anonymously dial 910-755-7410 (for non-emergencies) and leave a message on the recorded line or by e-mailing the following: tipline@motosikletnet.com. All e-mails and phone messages are checked several times daily and all information will be addressed promptly.

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Brunswick Community Colleges utilizes training supplied by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) for all employees acting as Title IX Coordinators and Investigators. Other positions such as advisors and decision-makers are contracted to external individuals on a case by case basis and their training is verified at point of hire.

The links below are provided to meet the requirement that training used is publically posted on the institution’s Title IX webpage.





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